Sound Radio

Sound, if you listen to it well... becomes music.

The perfect music for your shop

Do you also no longer want to listen to repetitive radio advertisements? Put one of our playlists in your store. Your customers will thank you!

Sound Radio

Sound Radio is the radio that listens to you. Here you will find professional emerging artists with unreleased tracks, listen to the playlists on Spotify and SoundCloud Tune in!

Do you want your music to be included in Spotify's algorithmic and editorial playlists?

Let me see if I understand. Your tracks are on Spotify, your latest release is being promoted all over social media among friends and family, you have definitely received excellent feedback, and you have definitely seen that your track is actually being listened to, but you realize that it is not enough and you want more? Would you like your music to be listened to by all of Italy or even the whole world? Surely you would like your tracks to be in the editorial or even algorithmic playlists of Spotify? Good! Follow these simple steps and with a bit of luck you will be in those lists with your emerging music.